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We escape reality having sex, some masturbate fantasizing about sex, while others get aroused thinking about sex. We are ready to spend a substantial amount of money and time for sex. Thus, it is worthwhile to have a little extra knowledge, especially for something that is an inseparable part of our life. Yes, you guessed it right, "Sex".


Even if you are a Don Juan roaming the streets or a Scarlet Woman wrapped in the sheets, there is a thing or two that might surprise you because sex being sex doesn't let you learn everything about it. 


Thus, PeekabooYou has brought to you some too good to be true facts about sex.


Caution!! It won't be your typical sex education class. 


Sex Facts about Men


Men with bent penises are more common than you might think.

On average, 25 percent of the total male population's penis curves slightly to the left or right when erect. And it is entirely normal to have a curved penis unless the curve is too significant. 

Men experience around 11 erections per day, almost the same number of erections at night.

Men have a boner every 90 minutes; however, these boners aren't always because of sexual stimulus. Sometimes, there's no sexual stimulus at all. 


Semen has minimal calories.


Each ejaculation produces around one teaspoon or 5ML of semen and contains about 5 to 7 calories.


A sperm can cover up to seven inches in an hour.

The genetic bullet (sperm) is not as fast as you might think. Moreover, the male's Y chromosome is slightly lighter than the X chromosome, so Y travels faster than X. Hence, it is somewhat easier to conceive a boy. 


Men's orgasms are briefer than women.

A man's response to the sexual act comes faster and is shorter than a woman's. And on average, a male orgasm will last for about 5 to 10 seconds. 


One man is enough to impregnate every lady on the Earth.

An average healthy male's ejaculation is enough to fertilize every woman in the world within two weeks. Of course, only if he can have sex with each one of them.


A small amount of men's ejaculation is enough to repopulate the Earth.

Though a man releases billions of tons of sperm throughout his lifetime, only the amount of sperm that can fit into an aspirin is enough to repopulate the Earth. 


65% of male's left testis usually hangs lower in scrotum than the right and is 7-10 percent smaller.

Testicle sizes and positions are related to cerebral asymmetry, just like Handedness. The left testicle will hang lower in right-handed men, and the right testicle will hang lower in left-handed men. 


The average penis size is about 5 inches.

Despite what men claim, only 18 percent of the total male population has a penis longer than 7 inches. The average penis size when flaccid is 3.61 inches, and it becomes 5.16 for erect penises.


Penis Enlargement procedures don't work in reality.

Though many medicines guarantee penis enlargement, it is impossible to build bigger penises, in reality. No surgery, exercises, pills, and pumps can do it.  


The prostate is the G Spot for men.

Yes, men have a G Spot too, and it is around the size of a walnut. It is located between the base of the penis and the rectum. 


Like women's men also fake orgasms. 

No matter how unbelievable it might seem, studies have found that men fake their orgasms just like women. They may not do it as often, but they still mock orgasms. 




Changing positions during sex with the penis still inside the vagina can cause severe damages.

Movements while having sex, especially with the penis inside the vagina, can cause penile fracture.


Men involved in household activities are more sexually active.

The persistent belief that avoiding housework will result in more sex is a hoax. On the contrary, researches imply that men who perform their fair shares of chores are likely to experience more frequent and satisfying sex.


Sex Facts about Women


A woman's orgasm is not just about pleasure; it has health benefits too. 

Regular orgasms can keep the doctor away. They play an important role in both the emotional and physical health of a woman. Various studies suggest orgasms can lower a woman's risk of depression, breast cancer, and stroke.


Female orgasms last much longer than men.

A scientific study suggests that pelvic muscles contract involuntarily for 3-15 times (a positive response to the women's sexual stimuli) during female orgasm; therefore, orgasms in women last for approximately 20 seconds.


Women's breast size tends to increase when they are aroused.

A turned on women's breasts can swell up to 25%. Since the feeling of arousal in women, the result in increased impulses, which in return increases the blood flow and hence, swelled up breasts. They remain like that during intercourse and may continue for some more time.


Women's clitoris has over 8000 nerve fibers.

Clitoris holds no reproductive value, but it is essential for attaining sexual pleasure because of the presence of 8000 nerves. Stimulation of these nerve fibers gives women extra pleasure. 


A woman can achieve orgasms faster through masturbation.

It takes a woman 10-20 minutes to climax while having sex. On the other hand, it only takes her 4 minutes when masturbating.



Migraine suffering women have a higher sex drive.

Migraines and sex drive are interconnected because of serotonin, a brain chemical. A higher level of serotonin decreases libido. And during migraines, serotonin level decreases, which in return increases sexual desires.


Sexually active women have more regular menstrual cycles.

Women who are sexually active and indulge in intercourse at least once a week also experience more regular menstrual cycles. This is because they are exposed to male pheromones, which increases the estrogen (hormone responsible for regular menstrual cycles) production in the female body.


Lesbians experience the highest orgasms.

Lesbians spend more time in foreplay and oral sex which gets them fully aroused and reach orgasm. This thing is missing in many heterosexual couples and women that don't reach the climax easily. 


Orgasms can significantly influence a woman's creativity.

Orgasms lead to the release of hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, filling the body and mind with positivity. And we know a positive mind and a stress-free body is the way to new innovations and enhancement in creative intelligence.


The nerve endings in the genital area of women are unique, just like fingerprints.

Every woman has a different body; similarly, nerve circuitry of vaginas are different in a different woman. That's why the same masturbation techniques cannot be used by every woman to achieve orgasm. 


All women can achieve orgasm.

God has not created a single female who cannot have a climax. All women have the machinery to achieve orgasms; however, not every woman knows how to make optimum use of that machinery.

Along with fingers and vibrators, candles are the most used object by female masturbators. 

Hard to believe, but women indeed use candles for masturbation. However, unlit candles are the third most used object after fingers and vibrators used by women. 



Sex facts about couples & some bonus sex facts


Pubic hairs are not without purpose on the human body.

Though there is very little proof of why humans have pubic hairs, scientists have proposed a theory for their existence. The theory suggests that pubic hairs trap secretions that hold pheromones or sexual scents. 


Men are less likely to indulge in lovemaking if their partners are on period.

On average, 70% of men consider period sex is beyond the pale. Some of them don't even like talking about menses while some women reckon it a turnoff. 


Avocados are named after a Mexican word "ahuacatl", the same word used for testicles, and are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

Aztecs, native Mexicans, were the first to name avocados; they decided on the name "ahuacatl" for two reasons. First and the obvious one, due to the round, tear-drop shape. Second, they believed eating avocados can enhance sexual desire.  


The nose may swell up during sex.

Studies suggest the process that triggers arousal can also make your nose to swell, causing a running nose and sneezing due to an overlap in the nervous circuitry that regulates both sexual arousal and the nerves of the nose.


People involved in non-vanilla sex may have better mental health.

Though the majority of the people assume (without any justifiable reason) that BDSM (kinkier sex) liking might be correlated with mental disorders (not according to researchers). On the contrary, studies suggest that the people who are into kinkier sex are more balanced, more open, secure into their relationships, and psychologically healthier. 


Married people masturbate more than single people.

Though some people consider it a "taboo", however, masturbation is not uncommon for women and men besides regular sex. The thought of catching your partner masturbating is somewhat exasperating, but in reality, it can enhance your sex life. 


Sex can help you burn calories.

You might already know that kissing burns calories. To be specific, regular kissing can burn up to 68 calories per hour while vigorous kissing, with some petting, can burn 90 calories in an hour. And a sizzling make-out session with your love can burn approximately 200 calories in 30 minutes.


"Fetish" originated from a Portuguese word "feitico" which means "sorcery" or "charm".

Essentially, the fetish is something like witchcraft or magic, and people with sexual fetishes are more common than you might realize. So, if you have thoughts of dripping hot wax over someone's body or having a toe in your mouth, it's completely normal. 


Sex is a potent cure for headaches.

Studies suggest lovemaking can relieve pain from migraines and cluster headaches. Hence, the next time when pain is hammering your head, you might want to grab your partner, not just meds. 


World's top 10 sexually satisfied countries.

  • Switzerland 
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • The Netherlands
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Australia
  • Nigeria



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