Sex Toys for Couples

Want to add some spice to your sex life? The intensity of your bedroom action is fading away?

These are some common concerns that couples face in their romantic relationships. They might sound insignificant, but couples that are less satisfied with their sexual life, reportedly have more health issues and are less happy. Trying out new things in the bed can make a world of difference. There is a never-ending list of things that couples can adopt. However, BDSM (short for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) and the use of sex toys are the two most potent techniques that quite possibly end all sex life woes.  

Thus, Peekaboo You offers specialized tools to couples that are seeking ways to enhance their sexual act.

Here are some toys that couples can use right away.

Sex Toys for Couples

Whether you have just begun dating or are an experienced couple looking to add some excitement to your sex life, Peekaboo You has plenty of ideal items for every couple. Here are some of our best sex toys for partners to enjoy together.


We-Vibe is a wearable vibrator, delineated primarily to deliver a hands-free experience to couples. The vibrator’s sylphlike tip slides into the vaginal opening, giving powerful simulations to her clitoris and G-spot, and the thicker end remains outside, gratifying both partners. It comes with a remote to adjust vibration modes and intensity according to the heat of the moment.

Remote Vibrating Egg and Panties

The elegant remotely controlled vibrating eggs and panties are perfect to put in some liveliness in your bedroom. Imagine, daring your partner to put on the vibrating egg or panties during a holiday, while keeping the remote to yourself and using it to change the intensity of vibrations when least expected. Why imagine it? Try it in real life with our remote vibrating devices designed for intimate home exploration and adventurous night outs and parties. 

Cock Rings

Peekaboo You’s offers cock rings which prevent blood from flowing back down the penis, making the erection feel harder, and last longer. In turn, the results are longer penetrative sex. Plus, vibrating rings are designed to vibrate against females’ clitoris when penetrated by their partner.

Lucky Sex Dice

Are you feeling lucky? Try Lucky Sex Dice, take turns rolling the dice, elucidating foreplay actions, and match-three colors; if you win, you and your lover get to act on the Sex dice. 

Body Paint

Foreplay is an integral part of sex and is the difference between mediocre sex and a mind-blowing steamy session. It can set the mood for an eventful night. Moreover, physical touch and closeness are two pivotal aspects of intercourse. And there is no better way of enhancing your foreplay than our body paints. Whether you are an artist or just an art lover or don’t even know how to draw a straight line, our couple body paint is suitable for people all skill levels.

Yoga Sex Swings

Yoga sex swings will open you up to sexual positions you never dreamed about. It allows you to get into yoga positions during sex both vertically and horizontally. An amazing way to bring the yogi inside you to real life. 

Bondage Kits

Bondage Kits & BDSM tools are an effective way to add some juice to your sex life. BDSM tools elevate the sexual passion, and the bondage kits brighten the sensual zest. Peekaboo You offers a broad spectrum of long-lasting and voguish Bondage Sex Toys, including blindfolds, handcuffs, nipple clips, ropes, and many other products at economical prices.

Couples Games

Bring out your competitive side, have some happy moments with your significant other, and have some great sex simultaneously with our couple games. Playing sex games is a guaranteed fun time, and unlike your daily average family board games, everyone is a winner!

The Wrap Up

Sometimes couples are obliged to introduce new things to their sex life, and sometimes they do it because they like it. No matter what’s the reason, creativity is a must to sustain spark in the relationship. And there is no better way to rejuvenate your romantic partnership than using sex toys, trying handcuffs, blindfolds, etc. with your partner.

To aid you in your conquest, Peekaboo You delivers the best in class products to help you enjoy the ultimate pleasure of sexual life. And our team of experts takes pride in helping couples, single men, and ladies end their sexual distress. In short, Peekaboo You lives and breathes the science and art of “Sex.”

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