The Stigmas associated With the of Use of Sex Enhancers

What are Sex Enhancers?

Sex enhancers or novelties are used by couples to enhance their sex life and take their relationship to a new level of sexual experience. These enhancers include dildos, vibrators, lubes, condoms, and pills. When people engage in sexual intercourse, they want to experience something special. They want to be able to relax, feel comfortable, and achieve orgasm as easily and as pleasurable as possible. So sometimes they go the extra mile to get sexual satisfaction and make it worth their while. They then turn to sex enhancers and products to achieve their sexual desires, desires like getting longer and harder erections, increased stamina, higher libido or sex drive, and higher sperm counts. These are some comforts and benefits that users of sex enhancers enjoy, which helps their relationships in so many ways. 

The Stigma and Its Effects

Despite the many benefits and broad overall usage of sex enhancers by a majority of the population, there's still a lot of stigmas associated with the use of sex enhancers. People still feel less comfortable talking about it or admitting to the use of sex enhancers because of the "shame" associated with it. The stigmas on sex enhancers also come from the stigmas associated with having sex. Society tends to attach some stigma to people they believe are having sex than those who are not having sex. The female population tends to feel heat and effects of the stigma a little more than the male population. A short survey carried out showed that 30% of women ages 18 to 25 feel alone when it comes to sex and are scared of talking about their sexual desires. They lack the confidence to express themselves sexually and even talk about their sexual health, even though they do want to have a fantastic sex life.

People have to get used to the fact that sexuality is a part of life and understand that sexual problems are real and worth talking about. They should not be shamed for expressing themselves, fixing their sexual issues, or enhancing their bedroom experience. Many people believe that the stigma attached to sex enhancers and their usage has been reduced, and people are now freer to express themselves, but this is not true. People get that awkward feeling when they go out to get a pack of condoms or a sex enhancement pill, a feeling that is absent when they go out to get cookies or paper towels. They might even get those awkward looks from cashiers when turning in their items over the counter. It goes to show that the stigmatization is still there. Silently doing its damage, pushing people and their sexual freedom into tight dark corners where they cannot express themselves. While this experience is terrible for men, it is even worse for women. 

For example, a man going to get a pack of condoms; he'll probably get a very good response from a woman who goes out to get that same pack of condoms. The same thing happens when women go out to get the lube. They may receive cold stares from the seller for doing something that should be perfectly normal, getting the lubes to lubricate her part during sex to reduce or eliminate the pain that might accompany lovemaking. Still, she is being shamed for it, a man might also receive that same stare, though not as cold. 

Many men feel ashamed to talk about erectile dysfunction problems associated with age and would instead buy medication from a private source because of the stigma. Women would also rather buy vibrators from private sources to avoid stigmatization when all they do want to do is enhance their bedroom experience. People have to realize that pleasure is not something to be ashamed of or feel guilty about; it should be explored, celebrated, and appreciated.


What can we do to end the stigma?

Firstly, people have to open up their minds and change their mentality that sex enhancers are taboo; they have to stop feeling embarrassed for making their sexual choices and doing what makes them happy. If you need a sex enhancer, like a pack of condoms or a vibrator, you have to summon up the courage and be open about getting them. This has a positive effect on others and makes them see that it is not so bad to use a sex enhancer.  

Secondly, we also need to educate people about the benefits and use of sex enhancers because a lot of the stigma comes from misconception. People have to know that stigmatization does more harm than good, stigmatizing those who are smart to get a condom to avoid unprotected sex are not going to having sex. They are just going to do it without a condom.

Everyone must have that social awareness and education that sex enhancers and novelties are not taboo or crime. They are normal, and the stigmatization must come to an end. This will lead to happier sex lives and, therefore, happier individuals.


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