How to Take Care of Your Sex Toys?

Sex toys are the most excellent means of spicing up your relationship or to up the ante of your solo play. However, there is a part of sex toys that don't involve fun, which is cleaning them and keeping them pure is essential. Otherwise, there will be chances of you getting bacterial infections, and transmission of STIs is also possible. Moreover, sex toys are often prepared in places with unregulated conditions with the help of injection mold machines. These machines are usually washed with gasoline or other strong cleansers. More often than not, the next batch of massagers is run through the machinery without cleaning the devices thoroughly. Frequently, your brand new toys have come in contact with materials that can cause more harm than good to your intimate region.  


Furthermore, individuals have to take care of their possessions, to keep them in shape and use them for a long time. You don't want to lose something that has grown into an indivisible part of your daily routine and hope to find it again. If a sex toy is broken, it can't be unbroken, you can expect to find a substitute, and maybe you will find one if the luck is by your side. However, some gadgets are irreplaceable, so extra efforts need to be put in maintaining them.


All the above points indicate only but one thing taking care of your sex toys is as important as taking care of your body. So, jump in and learn the appropriate steps to extend the life of your belongings.


Buy Quality Products


It all starts with the quality of the products. The better they are built, the longer they will last. New toys of premium quality can work fine for years. On the contrary, buying cheap products from not so good retailers will give out quickly. However, it doesn't mean that you have to buy the most expensive products, but what matters is the retailer's reputation. So, do some research, find the best sellers, read some public reviews, and then buy products.


Clean them regularly


You don't want your sex toys to catch bacteria, so clean them before, after, and if needed during intercourse. It will prevent the growth of bacteria, fungus, and other such agents. And special attention needs to be paid to brand-new sex toys. There have been cases where females had felt a burning sensation in their vulvas when they used brand-new gadgets without cleaning. Brand-new sex toys can even have the presence of gasoline and other residues on their surfaces.


Use Condoms


The usage of condoms is an impressive way to add an extra layer of protection to your sex toys. Experts have often advised the deployment of condoms because they create a safe exterior area around your sex toys. Further, they also help in keeping the toys clean. All-in-all, along with protecting you from harmful members of the Kingdom Monera, condoms also keep your sex toys hygienic.


Understand when the time is right to throw a sex toy


It is crucial to know all about sex toys. It also includes knowledge about when to toss them. Depending on the type of toy, you will find signs of wear and tear, and it's time to toss it. For example- products carved out of wood may start chipping; plastic products may lose their colors or develop some odor. All these are signs of getting a new toy.




Taking care of your sex toys is not only important, but it is also beneficial. You will not get any diseases, and your gadgets will last longer. One can imagine losing a dear thing that he or she has been using for a long time than trying to find the same thing. Changing sex toys after some time is inevitable. However, cleaning and drying them properly, using condoms, buying high-grade products are some things that can extend their lives.

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