Toy Guide for Men

The internet has its upsides and downsides, but it is practically a life savior when it comes to shopping online. Even more, its value increases when people want to buy things they are not comfortable sharing with others, i.e., sex toys. With the introduction of the online sex toys sellers, the sales of male sex toys reached new heights, and companies started tweaking with them. As a result, nowadays, males' choices are so many that it has become a mind-bending task to choose the perfect sex toy. From a wide range of simulators to more enhanced versions of the evergreen Flash-light, pleasure toys for men have come a long way. Thus, to help males find the ideal sex toy, Peekaboo You has compiled a popular toy list.

Flesh Light (Stroker)  

The first toy on the list is men's old pal Flesh Light, aka male masturbator. It has been around for decades now and is still one of the most used sex toys by males. However, today the stroker has various variants, and the built quality is much better too. The fact that it is around for so long and is still one of the best sellers makes it a must-have. 

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Cock Rings

Cock Ring is the second toy on the list because it boosts men's performance and enhances pleasure in numerous ways. Penis rings help to get a harder, bigger erection which can last longer during sex. They are usually worn on the penis and traps the blood inside the shaft, resulting in a prolonged erection. Some cock rings even vibrate against women's clitorises and help them reach orgasms. These rings are, generally, made up of silicone or rubber or plastic. 

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Prostate Stimulators 

Prostate simulators are featured on any list related male sex toys, except the list of worst sex toys for males. During the past few years, prostate toy sales have been on the rise, and there are many reasons for that. One being, prostate massagers, triggers a distinctively impressive and intense, full-body orgasm in males. They create a feeling of pleasure that no other toy can cause in males. 

Prostate stimulators are present in a wide variety from anal dildos and stainless steel wands to butt plugs. There are plenty of options to choose from.


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Penis Pump

Just like cock rings, penis pumps also temporarily enlarge the penis and maintain the erection for long periods, but don't expect any miracles. Their effects will wear off within minutes. However, using them is a bit harder than penis rings, but they are designed to do the same job. Moreover, the penis pump causes changes in blood flow through the penis, which increases the sensitivity and creates more stimulation. Both hand- driven and battery-driven penis pumps are available in the market.


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These were some sex toys that every man should own and deploy to add extra pleasure in their sexual life. Sex toys are not only a source of immense pleasure. They can also help people perfect their intercourse skills, more and more reasons to use sex toys. However, there is an aspect of sexual items that don't involve fun but are crucial, taking care of them. Buying toys is one thing, but keeping them clean and safe is a different scenario altogether. So, before you buy any toy, make sure you have a clean, dry place to store them and know what lube will be perfect for each particular use. With time, sex toys will form a critical part of your life, so it is better to know everything about them before you buy them, especially the things that will prolong their lives. To learn more about taking care of your sex toys, brose more through the Peekaboo You Blog called BackTalk.

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