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What is a Peekaboo Party?

A Peekaboo party is a fun, and educational experience. It explores relationships, sexual experiences, and ways you can enhance them. It also provides the answers to questions that most people are unwilling to ask.

You will also be able to broaden your knowledge and experience on enhancements by stimulating your senses with smelling, tasting, and touching enhancement items as you learn about them.

What can you expect?

Your Consultant will arrive with "demo" products and inventory. The Consultant will provide ice breaker games and prizes. Consultants will explore all avenues of sexual health from lotions and lubes to power tools.

Where are these held?

Peekaboo parties can take place in your home, offices, and even at pool parties. Please keep in mind that sexual enhancement items are on hand; therefore, there should be no one under 18 in attendance, and there should be a private room available for discreet ordering.

Who can benefit from these parties?

Everyone can benefit from it. These include: singles, couples, men, and women. Basically, anyone with sexual curiosities and even those with full-fledged experience.

How does it work?

  • Fill this form and our consultant will contact you shortly.
  • Provide location, date, & other details to your assigned consultant.
  • Your consultant will arrive with our products and full knowledge for an awesome party.

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