Sir Richard's Control intimate Therapy Deep Comfort Mouth


"Length: 8.5"" (21.6 cm) Width: 3.4"" (8.6 cm) Suction Control Cap Open the pop-top closure to allow more air into the stroking chamber. Close the pop-top to create a super-tight vacuum for unbelievable suction action! Air-Tight Design Powerful suction ensures the most incredible experience Snug Realistic Feel The tight tunnel warms to your body temperature and creates an incredibly lifelike experience Waterproof & Washable Enjoy in the shower, tub, or spa Discreet Bottle Design Hide in plain sight! Cleaning Instructions When you’re finished, remove the Fanta Flesh stroking sleeve from the bottle and rinse it thoroughly with toy cleaner and warm water. Once completely dry, slide the sleeve back into the bottom opening of the shampoo bottle, screw the cap back on until it’s snug, and return the bottle next to the rest of your shower toiletries. " @npc2019_8