The 9"s XOXO/ZZZ Satin Blindfold


Get some shut eye tonight or indulge in sensory foreplay with Reversible XOXO/ZZZ Satin Blindfold by Icon Brands. Designed to slip over your eyes to block out light and sight, Reversible XOXO/ZZZ soothing eyemask offers a stretchy elastic band that doesn t pull or tangle hair. Perfect for comfortable, restful nights or for spicing up your love life, sensual satin blindfold accessory from Icon is easy to maintain - just spot clean with a warm, damp cloth as needed. You choose which side to spotlight - XOXOXOXO or ZZZZZZZZ in bold, black script on a gold, satiny background. For extra thrills, add satin cuffs or adult novelty ball gag (accessories sold separately). Icon Brands Reversible Blindfold is One Size to fit most. @npc2019_65