X5 Men - Sex Puppet - Beige


Sex Puppet has an open-ended ribbed love tunnel with both vaginal and anal entries. Sex Puppet’s large, soft breasts and ass and snug fit provide an intense experience. Sculpted with Blush’s soft realistic X5 Plus materials. The unique properties of X5 allow it to have a realistic feel like that of the human body. It is super soft, elastic, and quickly warms to body temperature. X5 is also super durable and tear resistant, so it can truly take a pounding. Includes a powerful multi-speed bullet.
  • 6"L x 4.3"W x 4.3"H. 19.6 Ounces (556 Grams)
  • Double Entry - Easy to Clean
  • Ribbed And Snug Orifices For Extreme Pleasure
  • X5 Plus Superior TPE for Soft and Realistic Feel
  • Lab Tested & Verified To Contain No Unsafe Compounds. Silicone, Water Based, Hybrid Lube Safe